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About Us

Candy and Classics.

My entire life has literally been looking back. My passion has always been for the classics, whether it's film, literature, theater or music, and have  always had a strong affinity for the 1920s-40s - it's the era that speaks to my heart. It's also the Golden Age for candy making, and where I get my inspiration.
My true passion is candy-making and baking.  For years I have made candies using recipes from the early 20th century; and when I started thinking about selling them, I decided to tie in my passion for all things classic, but give the flavors a little update. Every candy is made with only the best and freshest ingredients, from belgian chocolate to fresh fruit purees, and following techniques that have been used for nearly a century.  
I hope you enjoy eating these treats as much as I do making them! And remember...
Eat More Candy!


What is the shelf life of the candy?

All of our caramels and fudge are made to order, to ensure that you get the freshest treats possible!  Our caramels are perfection for the first 5-6 weeks; and are still good for another 3 weeks. You can extend the life of your treats by at least another 8 weeks by wrapping them well in an airtight bag and placing them in the refrigerator.  
Our fudge is exquisite for 2 months, and its life can be extended indefinitely by keeping it in its original wrapping or by wrapping it in an airtight bag (or in foil and then plastic) and placing it in the freezer.

When will my candy ship?

Because we make all of our candy to order to ensure freshness, your order will ship 2 to 3 days after it is placed.